Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Since 12XX

Probably you've seen it in advertising or something similar, the word "since 19xx" or "since 18xx", or "since 17xx". These words are meant to imply how long has a product being made and the craft-man-ship of the corresponding company who makes the product. There's also a very high possibility a University or a College being labeled as such. But, have you ever seen something like, "since 1240"? I'm quite sure it's a very rare case. Let's see an example then, this University:

The University of Siena, founded in the 13th century (explanation on wikipedia). A very old university. Probably only university in Florence or Padua that are older in the world. Other universities of its age have long been gone. In my opinion, this is impressive. It has been there for 8 centuries, well preserved over the course of history. It's very unfortunate that I have yet to locate the original campus because the one in the photo above is a former Psychiatric Hospital building, that was converted to be used for University of Siena. Even then, it's still an impressive mileage to preserve the institution for such a long time.

There also this joke from one of the university professor that the boys are kept separated from the more "sane" girls in the second floor of the building. This implies that the boys are "less-civilized" than the girls ;-). I think so, he..he..he..
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