Monday, July 28, 2008

ATI Propietary Linux Driver - Xine - Video Overlay

With the Slamd64 up and running, I noticed a problem when using Xine to play Videos. I cannot zoom the video scene correctly and the video control panel is not shown in fullscreen mode. I have to force Xine to close in fullscreen mode with Alt+F4.
I found that this is something to do with a "miscommunication" between the ATI Propietary Linux Driver a.k.a ATI Catalyst for Linux and the X server that handles image buffering. I'm using ATI Catalyst for Linux X86_64 version 8.50.3 (filename: and the default X server that comes with Slamd64 12.1. It turns out the the video overlay mechanism is not set correctly. So, I have to set it manually with aticonfig. This is the snippet of aticonfig options for video overlay:

darmawan@opunaga:~/test $ aticonfig --help | less

Screen-Related Options:
--ovt, --overlay-type=STRING
Change the overlay for the X server. STRING can be one of:

I set the driver setting (as root) with aticonfig:

aticonfig --ovt=Xv

This is because OpenGL is not working nicely with Xine yet in my machine. Note that I'm using Xinelib 1.11 and Xine UI 0.99.5 on system with Turion64 1.8GHz, 1GB RAM and ATI X200M (RS480 northbridge and SB400 southbridge chipset). After trying to force video overlay with opengl and do some tests, I confirm that none of the ATI Catalyst for Linux works. Neither Catalyst version 8.50.3 nor 8.51.3 can work correctly when I used Xine with video overlay set to opengl. Only Xvideo a.k.a Xv extension can work correctly with Xine in my RS480-based system.

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