Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Glimpse of Eastern Indonesia

While many Indonesians hardly appreciate the geographical size of their own country, it's not the case for me because I come from a quite far place in the eastern part and now resides in the western part of the country. There are very small number of country in the world that spans three time zones or more. Indonesia spans three different time zones. Of course this means the country _is_ large. I cannot imagine someone who lives in Russia, which has eleven timezones! Imagine you're living in Moscow and your relative is in the far east Vladivostok.

Now, back to Indonesia. The eastern part is very sparse. A lot of islands and very small inhabitants in some of them. Anyway, these are the pictures of the island where my parents comes from.

picture from the ferry (probably on approach to the Island)

View from the mountain

View upon leaving the island (taken on the ferry)

A traditional house in the coastal region of the island

These are the surprising wind towers (I've never seen them before)

Anyway, I come to hate living in the big city quite a bit because you can hardly concentrate and too much distraction. Maybe I'll move to one of those small "isolated" island soon enough. There will be a lot of work for that to happen. But it will, sooner or later.

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