Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to use Google Patent search

Google patent search ( is a very valuable search tool. Sometimes it helps reverse engineering task.

I found this method particularly useful:

1. Search based on the specific subject. It doesn't matter if the patent application document that you found is not yet correct because usually patents covering stuff in a very specific subject refers to each other by patent numbers. For example patent A refers to patent B through patent B's number.

2. From the patent B's number found in step 1, search your intended patent application. The patent number format is: YEAR/PATENT_NUMBER. For example patent number 207272 in year 2008 would be: 2008/0207272. Now, to search this patent, use the patent number (minus the slash), i.e. 20080207272 in google patent search.

That's it you're good to go.
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