Wednesday, July 9, 2008

CD/DVD Burning and Gnome's Nautilus

It's been ages since the last time I burn a CD in Linux. Back then I would use X-CD-Roast. Today, I found that it's much easier to do that with the built in CD/DVD writer front-end in Nautilus. The only drawback is I have to log in as root when invoking the CD/DVD writer front-end. In order not to run at full root privilege, I spawn a new shell and invoke the Nautilus CD/DVD writer front-end with:

nautilus --no-desktop --browser burn:///

This way, I was greeted with the following window (or widget if you prefer the *NIX nomenclature)

The rest is just a drag and drop operation.

Anyway, if I've given the permission for reading and writing to the associated CD/DVD device to normal user previously, I shouldn't be bothered to log in as root in the first place.
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