Monday, February 13, 2017

Fix for systemd v232 build failure when using GNU gperf 3.1

You might encounter the build failure in this post title if you're the kind that roll your own Linux Systemd. I encountered it while building Systemd package for my Arch Linux SELinux variant.

The culprit is mismatch in lookup functions declaration--hash functions--generated by GNU gperf version 3.1 and the function declaration in Systemd version 232. I managed to complete the build after creating and using this patch: As for whether the patch is working or not, well, it works without problems in my machine. Nonetheless, it's just a very minor patch.

This issue has been fixed just now in systemd v232. See:

You can add the change as cherry-picked git change to the PKGBUILD to fix this issue in Arch Linux SELinux package. This is the diff (or patch):
diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 47d82d1..1e57ec7 100644
@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@ _backports=(
   'cfed63f60dd7412c199652825ed172c319b02b3c'  # nspawn: fix exit code for --help and --version (#4609)
   '3099caf2b5bb9498b1d0227c40926435ca81f26f'  # journal: make sure to initially populate the space info cache (#4807)
   '3d4cf7de48a74726694abbaa09f9804b845ff3ba'  # build-sys: check for lz4 in the old and new numbering scheme (#4717)
+  'c9f7b4d356a453a01aa77a6bb74ca7ef49732c08'  # build-sys: add check for gperf lookup function signature (#5055)
  _validate_tag() {
Hopefully, this temporary fix could help before the official fix is included in the main Arch Linux package.

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