Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cross-Compiling Raspberry Pi Application from Windows with CodeBlocks

Let's start with problem definition: Raspberry Pi is too slow for most complex software compilation/build process. Therefore, we need something much more powerful. "Unfortunately" for me, I'm left with a Windows 8.1 Professional machine due to my day job with Micro$oft stuff as that something much more powerful. But, never mind, there's a solution for that platform problem. My machine is quite powerful, a Core i5 4200U (2.xx GHz @turboboost) with an 8GB RAM.

Anyway, there's a quite mature GNU Toolchain for this cross compilation task, kindly provided by Sysprogs: It even comes with the tutorial to use it: However, it doesn't explain how to use the cross toolchain in CodeBlocks because it expect you to use Visual Studio. Well, Visual Studio is just way too resource hungry for my taste. Therefore, let's find out how to use the cross toolchain with CodeBlocks.

- This post is incomplete. However, I decided to post it as it could help as starting point for those really looking into doing this kind of thing. I've left Windows for about a year now. Therefore, this has no relevance to me as of now.
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