Sunday, February 22, 2015

Windows - The object invoked has disconnected from its client (Partial Fix)

I got this particular error message:
"The object invoked has disconnected from its client"
when trying to log into my Windows 8.1 machine locally.

This error is particularly debilitating because I cannot log in to my machine even from confirmed accounts that I used either for day to day tasks or administrative tasks. The culprit turns out to be a USB flash disk left plugged on one of the machine's USB socket. The fix is very simple, just remove the "offending" USB flashdisk and then all-is-well.
The USB flash disk in question contains a valid UEFI bootable OS along with the mandatory EFI partition to boot an UEFI-compliant OS. It seems to be some kind of check in Windows "chain of trust" detects this "irregularity" as breaking the "chain of trust" when Windows boot. Therefore, Windows decided that this is a malicious login attempt and blocks access into it. However, somehow the protection mechanism ends up with very uninformative message.

I list my analysis as "Partial Fix" because it works for my particular Windows 8.1 setup but might not work for other Windows versions.
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