Tuesday, May 20, 2014

AS400 Programming Tutorial

After searching the web for sometime on AS400 RPG-ILE tutorial, I found the most newbie friendly tutorial over at: http://www.letsas400.com/ile_rpg_iv/index.php. RPG-ILE is also known as RPG IV or RPG400. I'm not yet quite familiar with the AS400 hardware but it seems it's a Power machine. The OS400 on the other hand is a specific OS developed by IBM for the AS400 hardware.

IBM provides a more comprehensive tutorial in the ILE RPG Programmer's Guide. However, to save time, I prefer to read an overview on the language itself and the tutorial in the link above is just what I need to bootstrap learning the ILE RPG. I hope this post is of some use for those starting with ILE RPG on IBM Series i machines, like me. Happy coding :)
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