Friday, March 19, 2010

Resuming Erratic SVN Checkout

I've just stumbled upon disconnected SVN checkout session in a 3G connection. The whole repository that I was working with is more than 200 MB. Now, what to do? It turns out, you can "resume" the SVN checkout session. Simply cd to the root directory of your incomplete local copy of the repository, carry out an "SVN cleanup" and the proceed "SVN update" to resume the checkout. As simple as that. This is a sample broken session:

darmawan@darkstar:~/tmp$ svn co --username guest

.. disconnected bla..bla..bla..

To resume the session, I do this:

darmawan@darkstar:~/tmp$ cd edk2
darmawan@darkstar:~/tmp/edk2$ svn cleanup
darmawan@darkstar:~/tmp/edk2$ svn up

That's it. If you experience another hiccups, simply "svn cleanup" and "svn update" again. If your connection is very unreliable, you can create a script to automate the process.
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