Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Working with Data Structure in IDA Pro

I've been working with data structure in IDA Pro for a while and I found this article to be very helpful. It helps you a lot in reading the disassembled binary, particularly those generated from C/C++.
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Unknown said...

Yes, data structures are nice, but by adding PROC's you can put it all together with doxygen.

I recently worked with an option rom, and added enhancements that allow IDA-Pro dissassembly converted to doxygen compatible C files, just enough to see program flow.

asm4doxy.pl at


With both data and code documented and cross referenced, it is much easier to see the whole picture.

Good luck on your new book! As I've worked on Award, Phoenix and AMI source maybe I'll be inspired to write one on "Forward Engineering":)