Friday, November 28, 2008

Misc. Awk Tips

Few quirks about awk that I found:

1. The $0 in expression part of awk invocation such as in

pinczakko@opunaga $ find . -type f | awk '$0 !~ /\<svn\>/ {print}'

doesn't represent any of the field in a record (a line) in awk terminology. $0 represents the whole record (the whole line). Therefore, if you want to match an expression to the entire line, $0 is the way to do that.

2. To match the whole word in awk, use the escaped angle brackets. Escaped angle bracket in awk is \<\> because backslash is the escape character in an awk expression.

pinczakko@opunaga $ find . -type f | awk '$0 !~ /\<svn\>/ {print}'

The invocation above asks awk to print any lines which don't have the word svn in it.
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